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Wod bonus objectives guide

Do not be afraid to group up and tackle the quests together.
You will find it next to the other farming tools.
After Haohan is done, your farm will have 16 farming slots.Harvest them and then plant 4 veikkaus 358943703373 new Striped Melon Seeds to complete the quest objectives.Upon reaching 4,200 Good Friend with Jogu the Drunk, you get Buy A Fish A Brewery?, which further increases your friendship with Jogu by 5,000.For the Wardens, you gain reputation by completing world quests in any Broken Isles zone.NEW Check my paper, citing and more!After completing the quest, you will get a new farming tool: Master Plow.In addition, when you harvest plants, you have a (very small) chance to loot an Ominous Seed, which will give you a Terrible Turnip.Friendship with the Tillers You can increase your friendship with the Tiller members by completing their daily quest (when they offer it by bringing them food (only one turn-in a day or by bringing them gifts (unlimited turn-ins).
The world quests for the Kirin Tor work in exactly the same way as the normal ones, except that they can spawn in any zone.
You need to click the slot to engage the Virmen and kill.
To do so, click the slot.Farmer Fung sends a yak to your farm and mails you an Enigma Seed Pack.Warmage Silva (the Kirin Tor Emissary you can choose between: 750 Reputation for the Nightfallen, Armies of Legionfall, Army of the Light or Argussian Reach; 1500 Reputation for any other Broken Isles faction.Work Orders After reaching exalted reputation with the Tillers and completing the Inherit the Earth quest offered by Nana Mudclaw (she should send you a mail if you are eligible you will be able to take daily work orders from the other factions of Pandaria.Occupied Soils are occupied by Virmens.Once you have chosen a character and talked to them, you have to meet them at the farm and perform a sort of ceremony at the Tillers Shrine.All the daily quests are to be taken at Halfhill Market.The Dented Shovel can be used to remove a growing plant and free a slot.If you want to complete all these quests on a given day, you will need:.3.You can then travel to the zone where the quest displays and it will begin, similar to how bonus objectives worked in Warlords of Draenor.Rewards The Quartermaster is the same NPC as the Emissary, Marin Bladewing.After completing the quest, Haohan and his Mushan beast will start destroying the boulder.Straw Hat None A simple straw hat Pandaren Scarecrow revered A scarecrow that you can summon and that is similar to the one you have on your farm Tillers Tabard exalted An original tabard.