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Poker bad run graph

poker bad run graph

The so-called "computer hand" or break-even hand (Q-7o) emerged from simulations cranked out by a computer dealing gazillions of does bonus xp work on double xp weekend hands at random.
Patrik Antonius doesnt tilt.
Well, I want to talk a bit about luck, about what it means to "get your share" of the cards and about what it means when aficionados of the game say wise things like "it all evens out in the long run.".
My goal is not to whine here but i just want to understand the variance in sng.Its some form of probability calculus, but I have no idea how to do any.Mathematical analysis is very useful for figuring out how to play, but it does not equip you with the all-encompassing skills you need to become a full-time professional.When isildur finally does go completely broke he can charge admission to ride the rollercoaster that is his graph.What's even more surperising is that he's playing nosebleed PLO and he's never had a downswing worse then 10bis.If this seems nuts to you, just think about real life.The world of science is very quiet compared to the highly volatile world of poker.And it should be as keno tasot voitot simple as Aaron Jones famous theorem: No one ever has anything.5,527,000 possible boards come the turn.AND thats AT PLO.
Helens or in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.
And it's true - all professional players of poker operate under the assumption luck will even out in the long run and skill will triumph.The Mathematical Truth About Luck in Poker.In reality, of course, this sameness is only reached when an infinite number of hands have been dealt. .The best part about online poker, compared to live, is that if you want to know someone's lifetime results it's pretty easy to find out.Its a lot harder to find holes in the meta today, and theyre not as profitable as they once were.If youre one of these poker scholars, just remember that any discovery you make is only useful as a heuristic.Think about it this way: Assume there is a distribution of the long-term expected value (EV) of every possible poker hand played from every position under all possible circumstances.

Nothing wrong with that.
Mike Matusow is famous for his blowups and fuck you plays.
Three-betting became all the rage, continuation betting flops became all the rage.