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Max dex bonus armor pathfinder

max dex bonus armor pathfinder

The armor is still melded into your form.
Mithral armors have a Maximum Dexterity Bonus that is 2 higher than normal.
So if you wildshape into a bear, the bear isnt suddenly wearing a bulky suit of, say, dragonhide full plate(or whatever the magic of the wild property lets you get the AC bonuses.
Various named armors have a much higher Armor Dex Bonus, for example the.For example, a character with.Defender of Siberys enhancements.Armor and shields both give AC (armor class) bonuses, but they are entirely separate!Another : Yes, it is a bonus and only your base ability score is changed to fit your new form's).Heres an interesting question.I thought about druid tank but I already read the animal forms are too squishy.Contents, see armor overview in the, armor by Proficiency article.Heavier armors limit mobility, reducing the wearers ability to dodge blows.For example, if a character wears chainmail and wields two shields, then "each piece of armor" only includes the chainmail.
Because armor gets capped at 8 or 9 ac, no matter if it's light or heavy (because of max dex bonus so I see a lot of builds with monk dip or sword saint for wis or int bonus to armor and using no armor.
Maximum dexterity bonus is the maximum amount of additional.
Armor is worn in your "armor" slot, and a shield is a thing you hold.If she wears armor with a maximum dexterity bonus of 1 (such.One way of looking at it : No, your physical ability scores change to meet your new form(including ability score increases and an inherent bonus counts as part of your base stat, unlike enchantment bonuses.While unarmored, that character gains 2 AC from Dexterity and her maximum possible dodge bonus.Then, the benefits from his Armor Training apply to those, aCP and max Dex bonus).When/if Felix is wearing multiple pieces or armor (or multiple armors, for some reason this is how his Armor Training applies: He takes the most negative ACP of any piece he's wearing, and takes the lowest max Dex allowed by any piece he's wearing.

Example: Felix the Fighter wears.