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Jade harvester 6 set bonus

jade harvester 6 set bonus

Helmet: Jade Harvester's Wisdoml while Quetz is a necessity in this build, it used in the cube.
Pre Rama's Gift: High Damage Range/1000 Int/ 1000 Vit or 10 Damage or 10 CDR/ OS After Rama's Gift: Desired Rolls: High Damage Range/10 Damage/1000 Int/ 1000 Vit or 10 CDR/ OS b) pokerstars bonus code 2017 reload Wrath of the Bone King WotBK is your second rate Furnace.
If you take into consideration Diablo 3's standards, it's not inaccurate to say it's the hardest to master build in the entire game, but it rewards you with outstanding performance.So, the more damage.Ideally, you want a JHW that rolls with Int/Vit/CC/Socket.Perhaps the most important part of any good build in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (RoS) is the gear that supports.Boots: Jade Harvesters Swiftness boots here have two options.We hope you enjoy this amazing Witch Doctor build, and we are always open to suggestions for other Witch Doctor Guides and builds.Gloves are able to roll 1000 vit, which is a good chunk of survivability, whereas shoulders can only roll 750 vit.
Also grants brief immunity to damage for the duration so can be used in emergency situations Soul Harvest Feed on the life force of up to 5 enemies within 18 yards.
Regarding the mitigation stats, especially the paragon points, I have recently made a little utility that can help you decide where to put your points.Paragon Points How you place your paragon points is going to vary from person to person.However, if you can meet all the recommended gearing goals (below) without Life, get Haunt here.Well, it is, kind.Below that are two numbers (xxxx-xxxx this is your damage range.DPS is the big, top number you see when you look at a weapon.In my case the sweet spot is.5 Armor and 220 AllRes.BiS HF would have Cold over Int.Bodies, chests, tiles, bone pilesanything that you can click and get loot from will trigger the proc.Boots - Jade Harvester's Swiftness Stat priorities: 1) Intelligence 2) Vitality 3) Armor 4) All Elemental Resistances Pauldrons - Jade Harvester's Joy Stat priorities: 1) Strength 2) Vitality 3) Increased Haunt damage 4) Cooldown Reduction Bracers - Lakumba's Ornament Stat priorities: 1) Poison damage 2) Critical.In your sockets should be two Flawless Royal Topazes.I prefer armor over AR, and it is usually easier to get, due to pants frequently rolling secondary single resist stats.Return to Table of Contents: t/d3/en/forum/topic/?page1#, gearing, i recommend that anyone aspiring to use the Jade build to read this guide in its entirety, because there is a lot of synergy between gear and skills.Jade Harvester Witch Doctor in Diablo.

I have put each category in its order of importance, from my experience.
However, the old D3 adage, You cant DPS when youre dead, has some validity here.
The rolls you want to look out for, in order of least to most desired are as follows: Cold/Int/CC/CHD Int/CC/CHD/Socket Cold/CC/CHD/Socket An immunity neck that rolls those stats will be BiS.