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Adom attack bonuses

adom attack bonuses

Thrundarr stands on a lever that controls the portal.
Prerequisites : Base attack bonus.
The reward for this quest is the artifact mace Big Punch, which many PCs find useless because it is so heavy - 800 stones.See section.7 for more about this quest.1 The Animated Forest and the Dwarven Halls Thrundarr asks the PC to pass through the Animated Forest and find out what lies beyond.Luring him out of Dwarftown, killing him and then returning will not work either, as his shade returns to inform the dwarves of what has happened, resulting in the same scenario.She cannot move across air in this way, nor can she walk up walls or other vertical surfaces.He will identify potions that have a healing effect: potions of (extra/ultra) healing and potions of cure poison.When an archetype includes multiple class features, a character must take all of themoften blocking the character from ever gaining certain familiar class features, but replacing them with equally powerful options.A wished-for demented ratling will make the usual demand for six artifacts from a chaotic PC, but will not eat an artifact.Thrundarr is teleportation resistant, thus using charges from a wand of teleportation is not recommended unless there is no alternative.He also provides some training in weapon skills, raising all zero level skills to level one and providing small bonuses to other weapon skils.Even when not specifically working, the ninja is ever vigilant and ready for the situation to turn deadly.
He occasionally stocks an item or two of high quality, sometimes even an artifact.
Lawful alignment stat fi tup rahapelit is probably a requirement along with cooperation from the RNG.
The Dwarven Halls can be a cakewalk if the PC is lucky enough to have the stairways generated close together.On approximately D: 15 there will be a level that has two down staircases.This can be a very annoying quest.Wear an amulet of the cold heart if the PC has one.The DC to track a ninja using the Survival skill increases.If a PC with non-chaotic alignment has committed a crime in Dwarftown which results in an alarm gong being rung and muscular dwarves being summoned, the Dwarven Mystic responds with a different message "Ye art doomed!" This does not result in the PC gaining the.The base price seems to vary from as low as 800 to as high as 30000 gold pieces, and seems to be heavily influenced by race.